How to throw a knuckleball sounds simple enough right? I wish it was as simple as just going out to the baseball field and throwing the ball to your teammate or friend without any spin on the ball. If you have ever tried this you know that it is something that you know it takes a tremendous amount of skill to do. To throw it correctly it takes a constant work on perfecting it and knowing you will never be able to throw one perfect every time. You can become consistant with plenty of practice. Can you throw the baseball with no spin on it? Because that is exactly what a knuckleball is supposed to do.

The Knuckleball GripTo throw this pitch is starts the proper grip. Without the proper grip you will not be able to consistently take the spin off the ball creating the air resistance that will allow the ball to appear to move of float. Most knuckleballer’s dig their fingernails lightly into the skin of the ball with their middle and index fingers with equal pressure. In addition the thumb is place under the ball to stabilize the grip almost as a triangle or holder.

Besides the grip the release point or feel for the ball coming off your hand is important to take off the spin. Some pitchers say they flick it with the fingers other say it just pops out naturally.

In order to take the spin off the ball you must simultanisally release the ball with the two finger and thumb to prevent excessive spin.  You would push the ball outward and follow through. The ball will also set on the palm for stability purposes and with the forward movement of the arm the ball will begin to begin going forward away from the palm, thumb and fingers. This is where the feel and timing comes into play, if you do not time the release perfectly the ball will spin. The Knuckleball have drills to work on this specifically.

By utilizing the drills created by the coaches it will teach you to push your fingers out at the exact time that will keep the ball from spinning. The thumb will be key in this pitch.

The arm angle or arm slot is an important component to a successful knuckleball. Make sure your are stays in the Alleyway

Proper Knuckleball Mechanics will minimize mistakes. The coaches call this staying in the Doorway. Coaches have drills for this.

You still want to be a knuckleballer? Here is how you can be a part of this very special fraternity and be able to throw the pitch for late into your life.